Friday, November 1, 2013

North Korea's Red Star Operating System

When I learned that North Korea developed their own operating system called "Red Star" I started to become curious about it. I tried to look for some sources where I can get a copy luckily I found one website which I think the only website that has. Some people say that there are also some sources on the torrent sites.

According to, the development of Red Star started way back in 2002 and in 2010 it is already on version 2.0. We rarely hear any news from that country except when they have confrontation with the South or the US. Their isolation makes the people more curious about what is going on in there. Anyway, Red Star is North Korea's version of Linux.

I find it difficult to install because everything is written in Korean language. I tried looking for an English version but no success. Despite of it I am still able to successfully install it on my Virtual Box machine with the help of a little intuition. Here below you will find some screen shots during the installation and afterwards the desktop.

The welcoming screen and the rest of the installation procedures.


The login screen 

 Finally, the desktop.

 Samba for the network sharing

System and settings

 This browser is Red Star version of Firefox. 

The media player

Red Star is a light weight version of Linux with only 256 MB of RAM setup on Virtual Box it runs just fine. This distro is not too much RAM consuming especially if you only have a small amount of RAM on your computer while running a virtual machine.

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