Friday, August 16, 2013


I was looking for a lightweight and easy to use application that I can use to manage MySQL database while I was working on some Ruby On Rails codes. Until I found HeidiSQL that match exactly what I want. I have just started using it and I must say that as you explore its features you tend to like it more.

HeidiSQL is an opensource application that can be used to manage MySQL and MS SQL. In order to manage the database the user with authenticity must login locally or remotely. And once you are inside you can browse, edit data, create and edit tables, view, export structure and data to SQL file and a lot more.

To give you an idea of what HeidiSQL has to offer here is a list of its features:
  • Connect to multiple servers in one window
  • Connect to servers via commandline
  • Connect via SSH tunnel, or pass SSL settings
  • Create and edit tables, views, stored routines, triggers and scheduled events.
  • Generate nice SQL-exports
  • Export from one server/database directly to another server/database
  • Manage user-privileges
  • Import text-files
  • Export table rows as CSV, HTML, XML, SQL, LaTeX, Wiki Markup and PHP Array
  • Browse and edit table-data using a comfortable grid
  • Bulk edit tables (move to db, change engine, collation etc.)
  • Batch-insert ascii or binary files into tables
  • Write queries with customizable syntax-highlighting and code-completion
  • Pretty reformat disordered SQL
  • Monitor and kill client-processes
  • Find specific text in all tables of all databases of one server
  • Optimize and repair tables in a batch manner
  • Launch a parallel mysql.exe command line window using your current connection settings