Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Remote Shutdown

One of the annoying practices of some employees is negligence of not shutting down their computer when they are leaving the office especially on weekend or just before holiday. If you are the one in charge of the network administration you might have encountered this once in a while. If you are “certain” that an employee has left the office already and he/she did not turn off the computer, did you know that you can remotely shut it down? You need to have an administrator priviledge so you can perform this task. I just want to warn you not to do this unless necessary because there is no way to recover unsaved documents and if windows happen to be updating at that moment might just create more trouble on the computer.

1.Click Start or Windows Logo
2.Click Run and type cmd
3.On the command prompt type shutdown /s /m \\[the name of computer] you can also use /f to force any open application to close without warning
e.g. shutdown /s /f /m \\computer10

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