Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Small and Portable Web Server for Classic ASP

I am testing a web page done on classic ASP. Although I have installed the IIS on my computer but I am still looking for a light weight preferably portable web server until I found Baby Web Server. It works just fine while testing the website on my local drive. The installer is only around 90 kb as of this writing...pretty small eh.

Setting it up is very easy. Simply locate the folder where you saved the web pages. Type the default asp page. Click the "Start" button. Presto! You have a running web server in a matter of seconds.

I am assuming that you have already done the web pages otherwise you have to create a sample page for testing purposes like the infamous Hello World. To test the Baby Web Server just type http://localhost/default.asp on your browser where "default.asp" as the home page. If the web page shows up that means that you have set up Baby Web Server correctly.