Friday, May 3, 2013

Two Popular Text Editors

Notepad++ and Sublime Text are the text editors that I really find useful and easy to use. Both has their own special features and support many scripting languages. As you can see on the screen shots above the screen is neat and highlighted depending on the language you preferred. This way it is easier to read the codes especially if you follow the indention. They also have the features that after choosing the default language you can just click on the save button and it will save the file with an extension name for that particular language. Moreover, the source codes load almost instantly.

I find it hard comparing these two text editors because both of them has a lot of special features some of which do not exist on the other. However, there are only two differences that I would like to highlight on this post. Notepad++ is free and Sublime Text is not. Sublime text has a special feature of "auto completion" wherein upon typing the first character it can already sense of what you are about to type and it will give you some suggestions. This may vary depending on the language you setup while Notepad++ does not have that feature.

If you have a text editor that you feel more comfortable to use and offers many features then that can help you accomplish your task much earlier.