Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free Virus Online Scanner

There are several online virus scanner that can be found on the internet. But ESET Online Scanner is my personal choice because it not just scan the files it also remove the virus. The other online scanner detects only the virus and after showing you the result you still need to figure out on how to remove it. Apart from that ESET Online Scanner is very easy to use. No installation required you just have to download the online scanner from their website. Run the scanner and place some tick marks on the "Computer scan settings". It is pretty straightforward and self explanatory.  By default the "Remove found threats" is already selected and you are given a choice whether you want to scan the archives. After downloading the virus signature database it will start to scan your computer and then after that it will show you the result.

Having an anti-virus installed on our computer does not guarantee that our computer will not be infected anymore. Sometimes we need to get a second opinion just to be sure that there is no infection that is able get through our system. I just want to remind you that online scanner is not intended to replace the anti-virus on your computer because it does not have a real time protection.