Friday, August 6, 2010

How To Share An Excel File

There are times that several users would like to work on one excel file all at the same time. Excel has this feature of sharing the workbook. Ideally, the shared workbook has to be saved in a shared folder on the network accessible to the other users.  Here's how you are going to do it:

1. Open an excel file
2. Go to Review menu (if you're using MS Office 2007)
3. Click on Share Workbook
4. On Editing tab put a tick on "Allow changes by more than one user at the same time...."
5. Click OK
6. A confirmation window will appear whether you want to continue, just click on OK
7. Click on Protect Shared Workbook
8. Put a tick mark on "Sharing with track changes"
9. You'll notice the word "shared" in square bracket right beside your file name because you've just shared your excel file.
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  1. I haven't tried it ED, simple yet easy to grasp tutorial.ty

  2. Hi Bennix,

    Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I try to make the instruction as simple as possible so that it can easily be understood by the readers. Have a pleasant day buddy.