Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to stop a spying program

If you're suspecting that there is some sort of spying program installed on your computer that monitors your activities you can try this procedure.

1. Right click on your desktop
2. Click New
3. Click Text Document
4. On the notepad text document, type anything but don't save it
5. Restart your computer
6. It is at this point where almost all the applications running on the system tray will be closed. When your computer asks you whether you want to save your notepad text document click cancel and the computer will not continue in restarting.
7. You will notice that most of the softwares running on your system tray are gone including the anti virus.
8.  Since it is not advisable to use the computer without anti virus you can click on your anti virus to make it active again.

This method is not the ultimate solution on countering the spying programs on the computer,however this can be a deterrent for the time being.  This is going to be useful if you're not authorized to install any software on the computer and you do not want your activities to be monitored.