Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Hide the Keywords from the Firewall

Would you like to hide from the firewall the keywords that you are searching on Google?

If you want to have some sort of privacy whenever you are searching on the internet while you are behind the company firewall. You can use the encrypted Google search by simply typing on your browser instead of the usual

As you can see on the two screen shots above. I searched for "ruby on rails developer jobs" on Google. On the DOS window shows the IP address of my computer which is However, if you are going to take a look on the screen shot of the Cyberoam firewall log you will not see there the keywords that I typed on Google neither my IP address.

Did you notice the time? Take a closer look at the time I started searching on Google you will see there 03:51 pm. Now take a closer look on the firewall log. At the top most the time that appears on the log are 15:52 and 15:47. The firewall did not record my search that took placed at 15:51 or 03:51 pm in a 12-hour format.

This simple tip will only help you hide the keywords that you are searching on Google. If you open a website that will be recorded on the firewall log.

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